• Ben Botes

    Co-founder of UK Business Planning, Ben has passionately contributed to the emergence of UK Business Planning as one of the UK’s leading strategic advisory, investment and business planning firms to new and growing ventures. Ben has managed more than 100 client engagements across a wide range of UK Business Planning speciality service areas.

    Ben Botes has worked with and supported entrepreneurs on four continents. Since age 24 Ben has started and run businesses in the call center, transportation, consulting, coaching and educational industries. Ben combines extensive research into the psychological aspects of entrepreneurs, the coaching of start-up firms and his own experience as an entrepreneur and business owner to provide clients with strategic insights and guidance.

    Ben also has professional management consulting, entrepreneurship and innovation consulting and market research experience with ABSA Bank, Accenture, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Shell and Business Link UK.

    Ben has an MBA from the Surrey European School of Management and a further MSc degree in Organisational Psychology. He lives in both London and Cape Town with his wife and daughter.