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Website Marketing and Strategy Implementation
It’s difficult to imagine almost any modern organisation maximising their potential without a well thought out online presence and website marketing strategy. A company’s website often acts as the primary mechanism through which they interact with current and potential customers. Equally important to organisations today is the role their website’s play in establishing a competitive advantage and differentiation in the market whilst most importantly, acting as a significant profit center.

However, as many online companies have painfully discovered, realising your website's success is an extremely challenging and often problematic undertaking. Achieving success on the web requires the development and implementation of a bullet proof website marketing strategy and overcoming the ever increasing competition while effectively addressing the needs of your customers.

Each month UK consumers and businesses use millions of search terms to search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search engines have become the new and improved version of the Yellow pages, where customers are able to find your company, products or services instantly. Companies benefit from good search engine rankings. Appearing at the top of search engine result pages can equate to massive revenue, profitability and goodwill for your business. Our website marketing consultants work with clients to improve their position within search engine results using both organic (search engine optimisation) and paid (pay-per-click) techniques. Although each technique may be different, both benefit from the utilisation of certain processes, which include:

  • Constant research and investigation of key words used when searching for your products and strategically utilising this knowledge as part of your online marketing strategy.
  • Designing of custom and relevant “landing pages” (i.e., the pages that people go to when they click on your listings), which improve your search, engine ranking and result in more customers buying your product or service.
  • Putting comprehensive tracking mechanisms in place, which allows you to measure and improve your strategy and marketing on a continuous basis.
  • Continuously measuring the results affected by changes made to your website as far as your search engine listings are concerned, until such time that you achieve the search engine listings you aimed for.
  • Creating sufficient and relevant links from other websites to yours, which will further enhance your search engine listing results.

The success of an online marketing campaign relies on a dynamic relationship between you and your consultant. UK Business Planning has developed processes, which support these relationships and maximise the results achieved through quality online marketing techniques, knowledge and a track record for optimal results.

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